Before Treatment

  "An American Discovery"
Over the last three years, I have treated numerous paintings for the Wisconsin Historical Society, including John Singer Sargent's magnificent "Portrait of General Lucius Fairchild," Robert Sully's "Portrait of Chief Black Hawk," and a "Portrait of Chief Osh Kosh" by Samuel Marsden Brookes. Conservators can be rewarded during their treatment work with the discovery of something hidden or unknown. This occurred during the treatment of Thomas Sully's "Portrait of George Washington." The following Case Study reviews the painting's historical context, its treatment history, and a surprising find.
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  Table of Contents  
  Page 1: Biographical History
    Thomas Sully
  Page 2: "The Athenaeum Portrait"
  Page 3: Provenance
  Page 4: Treatment/Exam History
  Page 5: 2006 Examination
  Page 6: Treatment  
  Page 7: Other Washington Portraits
  Page 8: Acknowledgements
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