Appendix A

1871 Schuchardt Entries

Appendix B

1890 Inventory Entries

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Conservators have the ability to view works of art under binocular magnification. This vantage point discloses a hidden world of brushstrokes and color. From this perspective, artistic abilities are also magnified. The following after-treatment images offer a detailed glimpse into the artist's extraordinary skill.

Detail Luther Eye

Detail Katharina Eye

Detail Luther Mouth

Detail Katharina Mouth

Detail Luther Fingers

Detail Katharina Fingers


Ms. Jane Connell, director of collections and exhibitions, and senior curator. The Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, Michigan.
Mr. Art Martin, collections manager and assistant curator. The Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, Michigan.
Mr. Keith Downie, preparator. The Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, Michigan.
Ms. Mary Bauman. River Forest, Illinois.
Mr. Jeffrey Bauman. Chicago, Illinois.
Dr. Ingo Sandner, founding partner of the Cranach Digital Archive. Dresden, Germany.
Ms. Christine Kelm, chief of conservation for the Saxony State Monuments Conservation Office. Dresden, Germany.
Dr. Gunnar Heydenreich, project director for the Cranach Digital Archive and professor of conservation at the University of Applied Sciences. Cologne, Germany.
Dr. Bernhard Maaz, director, Alten Nationalgalerie. Dresden, Germany.
Dr. Larry Vogel, Shriners Hospital for Children. Chicago, Illinois.
Ms. Tracy O'Brien, Shriners Hospital for Children. Chicago, Illinois.
Mr. Thomas Daus, Shriners Hospital for Children. Chicago, Illinois
Mr. Joe Barabe. Oak Park, Illinois.
Ms. Christine Yang, translator. Washington, D.C.
Mr. David Williams, translator. Menomonie, Wisconsin.
Dr. Paul Kreiss, translator. River Forest, Illinois.
Dr. Peter White, professor in the Department of Classics. The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.
Ms. Laura Kearney, editor. Madison, Wisconsin.
Ms. Ahlam Vieira, Mentor Quest. Round Lake, Illinois.
Mr. Alexander Christoph. Freie Presse, Chemnitz, Germany.
Mr. Michael Stellner. Freie Presse, Chemnitz, Germany.
Cranach Digital Archive, http://www.lucascranach.org.
Forest Products Laboratory. Madison, Wisconsin.
Ryerson Library, The Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois.
The River Forest Public Library. River Forest, Illinois.

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