Case Study

"Dutch Orphans Reunited"

Gerbrand Van den Eeckhout "Figures"
Before Treatment

March 14, 2010 to June 12, 2010

Consolidation of weakened areas of edge and interior paint was carried out using a warm gelatin adhesive.

The cleaning agents were identical to the earlier treatment. The dirt films were removed using pH-neutral detergents and the varnish layers were soluble in organic solvents. Cleaning began along the right edge and moved rhythmically through the lower sections. The cleaning change is documented in the below images.

Full View During Cleaning

Detail During Cleaning
Removal of the overlaying films and former restoration paint just above the leg of the right standing figure revealed a surprising discovery. A green canvas insert, identical in the earlier treatment, was also used here as a replacement for lost canvas. As before, this addition was out of context visually but did offer a similar canvas weave. As a result, the insert was left in place.

Patch Insert
Removal of former overpaint along the left edge revealed cut-off fingers and a partial hand.

During Cleaning

After Cleaning


The painting was in poor structural condition. The previous lining was separating and corner draws were evident. The painting was removed from its stretcher and the old lining and adhesive were removed. A new canvas was attached to the back of the original using standard hot-table procedures.

The inside of the previous stretcher revealed a wealth of provenancial information. The inside of this stretcher contained only a notation of the painting's height written in a light-blue chalk. The width notation was cut off.

72 inch height

The support was restretched onto a new spring-stretcher using copper tacks. Areas of former loss were filled with gesso and the surface received a brush coat of Windsor & Newton non-yellowing varnish. Retouching was carried out using Maimeri conservation pigments.

Detail Before Retouching

Detail During Retouching


June 12, 2010
After retouching, the application of a final non-yellowing spray varnish completed the treatment. The treatment work was carried out over a three-month period.

Detail Before Treatment

Detail After Treatment

Detail Before Treatment

Detail After Treatment

Detail Before Treatment

Detail After Treatment

Gerbrand Van den Eeckhout "Figures"
Before Treatment

Gerbrand Van den Eeckhout "Figures"
After Treatment


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