Egbert van der Poel
"Barn Interior"
Before Treatment

Rubens Studio
"The Crowning of St. Catherine"
Before Treatment


Historical Rewards:

A Dutch and a Flemish Discovery

In 2008, I had the opportunity to treat two seventeenth-century paintings. One was a Rubens studio painting owned by the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa, while the other was a Dutch panel by Egbert van der Poel owned by Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. In each instance, historical discoveries were made during the course of the conservation procedures. This Case Study outlines these remarkable revelations.
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  Table of Contents
  Page 1: Biography--Egbert van der Poel
  Page 2: "Barn Interior" Examination
  Page 3: Treatment
  Page 4: The Flayed Pig
  Page 5: Related Themes
  Page 6: "The Crowning of St. Catherine" Examination
  Page 7: Visual Treatment
  Page 8: Structural Treatment/Completion
  Page 9: Rubens Original
  Page 10: Comparisons and Conclusions
  Page 11: Final Thoughts


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