Case Study

Historical Rewards:

A Dutch and a Flemish Discovery

Egbert van der Poel
"Barn Interior"
After Treatment

Rubens Studio
"The Crowning of St. Catherine"
After Treatment

Final Thoughts
Conservation is generally an invisible profession. Museum attendees are not aware of who performed the conservation work that surrounds them. This is the way it should be. It is the object that is important; nevertheless, the conservator's rewards are tangible and real. The treatment of the van der Poel and "The Crowning of St. Catherine" were personal rewards for the author and even greater rewards for their respective museums. Discoveries of this nature are rare, but they carry an everlasting satisfaction that a little piece of the history of art is forever realized.

Dr. Sean O'Harrow. Executive Director. Figge Art Museum. Davenport, Iowa.
Dr. Rima Girnius. Associate Curator. Figge Art Museum. Davenport, Iowa.
Mr. Joel Zwart. Director of Exhibitions. Calvin College. Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Ms. Mary Bauman. River Forest, Illinois.
Dr. Robert Baldwin. Associate Professor of Art History. Connecticut College. New London, Connecticut.
Mr. Niels Bergervoet. Holland.
Mr. Daniel Hiltbrunner. Switzerland.
Ms. Laura Kearney. Madison, Wisconsin.
Ms. Susanna Koenig. The Frans Hals Museum. Haarlem, Holland.
Ms. Nicole Rivette. Toledo Museum of Art. Toledo, Ohio.
Ms. Rita Albertson. Conservator. Worcester Art Museum. Worcester, Massachusetts.
Ms. Karen Mansfield. Assistant Registrar. Worcester Art Museum. Worcester, Massachusetts.
Ms. Eunice Schlichting. Chief Curator. Putnam Museum. Davenport, Iowa.
The River Forest Public Library. River Forest, Illinois.

In the Studio

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Table of Contents
Biography,"Barn Interior" Examination, Treatment,
The Flayed Pig, Related Themes, "The Crowning of St. Catherine" Examination, Visual Treatment, Structural Treatment/Completion, Rubens Original, Comparisons and Conclusions, Final Thoughts


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