Since 2004, nine Case Studies have been written for this website. All of these shared some type of historical discovery: finding a hidden signature; recovering a lost date; correcting an attribution; uncovering overpainted areas; or rectifying provenancial errors.

But what are the chances of discovering a 420-year-old painting that you never knew you had? This just doesn't happen--except it did to Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, Iowa. During the painting's treatment, two additional discoveries were made. The extraordinary and unique occurrence of three separate discoveries related to one painting is detailed in the following Case Study: A Triple Discovery: Hoyt Sherman's Apollo and Venus.

A review of the history of Hoyt Sherman Place is where the story begins.

Page 2--History of Hoyt Sherman Place

Page 1--Introduction,   Page 2--History of Hoyt Sherman Place,   Page 3--Adopt a Painting/First Discovery,
Page 4--Provenance,  Page 5--Examination,   Page 6--Treatment,   Page 7--The Letters/Second Discovery,
Page 8--Attribution/Third Discovery, Page 9--Ut pictura poesis, Page 10--Final Thoughts/PBS Video



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